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Our mission

O.R.C.A.’s programs will strive to be a successfully progressive system of seamless, accessible, and effective services that promote prevention, intervention, recovery, and resiliency for individuals and families in Clallam County and the North Olympic Peninsula.


our vision

We envision a Clallam County and North Olympic Peninsula community where all persons have the opportunity to enjoy optimum wellness, resilience, recovery, and hope whether they have experienced and/or been affected by homelessness, trauma, mental illness, or substance abuse.

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our values

Clients and families as central to the purpose of our vision and mission

Sensitivity to and respect for all clients, families, communities, cultures, and languages

Effective service in the least intrusive and/or restrictive environment

Positive and supportive settings with state-of-the-art technologies

Open and honest dialogue among all stakeholders

Partnerships and collaborations that share leadership, decision-making, ownership, and accountability

Each other as our most valuable asset, and collectively the empowerment that this provides

A well trained and competent workforce

Empowering and supporting staff in their personal and professional development

Responsible use of our resources to ensure financial sustainability